Taxi Transfers To and From Tallahassee Airport

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Tallahassee International Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Upon arrival at Tallahassee International Airport, passengers may proceed to the Baggage Claim area to pick up their luggage.

Transport options available at this facility include Rental Cars, hotel shuttle services, rideshares, and taxis.

Public Bus L is available 2 miles from the airport, at StarMetro Bus Station in Orange Avenue and Paul Dirac Drive.

Taxis at Tallahassee International Airport

Passengers may proceed to the taxi station outside the Baggage Claim area. There are no reservation requirements for arriving passengers.

To Nearest Bus Stop at Orange Avenue, Tallahassee

Distance between TLH and StarMetro Orange Avenue and Paul Dirac Drive bus station is 2 miles (3.2 kilometers). A one-way fare to the station costs $10.

To Downtown Tallahassee

Downtown Tallahassee is about a 13-minute drive in ideal road and traffic conditions from Tallahassee International Airport, located 7 miles (11 kilometers) from the airport. A one-way fare to downtown (and vice versa) is approximately $25.

Ride Shares at Tallahassee International Airport

Rideshares are available outside the Baggage Claim area at TLH. Service companies may require downloading the company’s application on the smartphone. Passengers can arrange this option in advance to make sure of its availability.

Passengers may ask the driver to show proof of identity and booking records.

Hotel Shuttle Service at Tallahassee International Airport

Many hotels in Tallahassee provide shuttle service to/from TLH. Passengers may confirm with their hotel if this service is available at the airport.